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Biotruss Co. Ltd. has developed a device - SLbuster which sterilizes harmful bacteria to human body such as legionella usually inhabited in the cooling tower. It can also be used to get rid of accumulated scale deposits in pipes.
The most important issue regarding the cooling tower operation of public buildings or factories is the existence of bacteria. Companies tend to be negligent to check the operation of cooling tower regularly. As a result, all kinds of bacteria can inhabit in the cooling tower. Among those, legionella is the most dangerous bacterium and it may have a fatal effect on the human body during the high temperature season. To avoid the bacterial infection, cooling water must be cleaned regularly and treated carefully.
In addition, common problems arising instored coolant of cooling tower are scale, fouling, corrosion, and biological sediment. One of the most significant issues in operating the cooling tower is regarding the scale. Calcium and magnesium of unrefined water such as coolant are not completely dissolved in water and crystallized where the temperature is high or pressure level changes. These crystals are circulating in the pipes and accumulated tothe inner surface of pipes. This scale deposit may cause numerous problems not only to the pipes or heating systems but also to the sensitive equipment. According to the previousstudy, it shows that the level of scale deposit reduces the heat exchange efficiency by 15% when the thin scale of 0.015 inches is trapped in a pipe.
The most common method to sterilize the cooling waterin the cooling tower is chemicals. It is considered to have been convenient, affordable, and easy to use, but it's time to abolish this conventional idea. In more developed countries, more and more public institutes and private companies adopt new approaches to manage cooling towers as the level of environmental regulations regarding the chemical usage gets stronger. In addition, many problems have been identified in using chemicals - increasing cost of chemicals, educational cost for employees, storage and disposal of dangerous chemicals, and the cost of cooling tower maintenance, etc.

As alternative means for chemicals, various products using magnets, ion-exchange resins, ozone, ultraviolet and ultrasound were developed. They may have some benefits but they do not remove scale and sterilizethe water simultaneously. They tend to be costly compared with chemicals.

We have developed an innovate sterilizing device for cooling water and it also removesscale deposits with lower cost and higher efficiency to improve the existing problems of those chemical alternatives.
Legionella Control Center

Deeply aware of the risk of legionella bacteria, Biotruss Co. Ltd. plans to establish the "Legionella Control Center" in collaboration with the Gwangmyeong Sungae Hospital and Seoul Sungae Hospital.

Legionella Control Center will provide the following services.

1) Legionella Risk Assessment

A legionella risk assessment involves theexamination of the potential dangers to people caused by water systems in the workplace. The purpose is to identify and assess the risks of exposure to legionella bacteria from work activities and water systems. Although it is impossible to guarantee that pathogenic micro-organisms will not exist in a water system, proactive water safety management and good control procedures make it possible to significantly reduce the factors that allow the bacteria to grow to dangerous levels. A legionella assessment is an essential risk management process. It comprises a detailed examination of the risks presented by man-made water systems, and seeks to identify and assess the risks associated with legionnaires diseasethrough exposure to the bacteria.

2) Legionella Management Training

Biotruss Co. Ltd. plans to provide necessary legionella training courses and practical skills-based workshops developed to improve legionella awareness, knowledge and competence of those involved in the management and control of legionella bacteria and legionnaires disease in the workplace. These courses will be developed step by step and customized to the business owners, executives, facility managers, engineers and personnel.

3) Legionella Testing

Biotruss Co. Ltd. will offer comprehensive analysis service with medical team of Gwangmyeong Sungae Hospital, Seoul Sungae Hospital and other seasoned experts. It will involve legionella monitoring, sampling and water quality analysis services for landlords, building owners and operators, facilities managers, duty holders and the personnel in charge.

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