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Biotruss Co. Ltd.developedK-7000, anenvironmentally friendly sterilizing device for Inland aquafarms and proved theeffectiveness by applying it to the young abalone farms in Wando and Gogeumdo of South Korea.
There has beena continuous demand for measures against the increasing loss of fishermen resulting from the seasonal mass mortality of young abalonesresulting from global warming and reckless overfishing along with the exhausted fishery resources in the world.

Abalone has been consumed as a high quality food item and the amount of abalone production by fishing in the oceandecreased from 14,803 tons in 1989 to 7,486 tons in 2013, while total production of abalone from aquafarms increased from7,486 tons to 103,464 tons. In South Korea, the productionof abalone in aquafarms has increased more than 60 times in the past decade. The total production of abalone in Korea used to have been 134 tons in 2002, just over 1,000 tons in 2003 for the first time, 6,437 tons in 2010, and the number has considerably increased to 13,507 tons in 2016. Accordingly, South Korea has moved up to the world's second largest producer of abalone, taking second country with 8.7 percent of the world's farm abalone production in 2013 next to China with 87% of world's farm abalone production. Wando is the largest abalone producing area in Korea, and the amount has grown up dramatically since the mid-2000s thanks to the exports to Japan and other countries have risen to 2.970 billion won, 9% increase in 2016 vis-à-vis the previous year.
Recently the amount of dissolved oxygen has been reduced because of the high temperature of sea water which activates the growth of bacteria and eventually led to the high mortality rate of young abalones. Fishermen tend to inject liquid oxygen to increase the level of dissolved oxygen in water but it is only a temporary measure and the effectiveness is not quite sufficient. As a more sustainable solution, high pressure micro-bubbler generator can be usedbut in reality, due to the high operating cost and the installation effort to figure out the configuration of the electricity supply, only the handful of aquafarms apply this technique.
Recognizing these issues, we have developed a new method of sterilizing sea water where fishermen can produce healthier young abalones at lower costs. The device has been tested for the young abalones which have the highest mortality rate, but it can be applied to any fish species. It is definitely more economical than injecting the liquid oxygen.
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