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Cooling water sterilization and scale removal device
Cooling towers in large buildings, such as hospitals, hotels, railway stations, welfare facilities, and public baths, have caused many problemssuch asscale, erosion, fouling and propagation of bacteria by microbes due to theimproper maintenance. A number of treatment measures - chemicals, ozone and ultraviolet sterilization - are being used to resolve these problems. In fact, most of the buildings in Korea heavily rely on chemical treatment to control cooling tower water quality because of the lower cost. However, chemicals may contain harmful components according to the type of chemicals as is the case of recent humidifier sterilizer scandalin Korea. The increasing level of environmental regulations, educational costs for the chemical treating personnel, storage and disposal issue, cutting offthe water supply due to the regular cleaning of cooling tower and increasing maintenance costs drag the foreign companies to try to more innovative techniques to replace the chemical treatment.
We installed "Submerged Electrolyzer(open patent 10-2017-0097328) : SLbuster" in the cooling tower in line with the global trend to create electrolysis oxidizing water with a residual chlorine at a low concentration obtained through electrolysis. We developed a device to sterilize cooling waterand achieved meaningful results after more than 6 months of tests at Gwangmyeong Seongae Hospital and Seoul Seongae Hospital. Chlorine was kept at 0.05 mg/llevel after the installation of two units of SLbuster in 350RT size of cooling tower and was able to remove considerable amount of scale.The previous study indicates that it has sufficient sterilizing effectif the residual chlorine is at 0.02mgl. Our test proved the effectiveness of SLbuster.

SLbuster can be installed easily with direct current power supplies and it shows immediately that the coolant is sterilizedby checking for the figures of the residual chlorine meter.

It is also visible that the considerable amount of scale is attached to the SLbuster and it can be removed easily. SLbuster is reusable but the best recommended usage period is 3 years. Considering the incidental costs of chemical treatment, it is quite economical.
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