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Sterilizing device for Inland aquafarm
There is a demand for measures against the increasing loss of fishermen resulting from the mass perish of young abalones due to theglobal warming and reckless overfishing along with the exhausted fishery resources.

Biotruss Co. Ltd. developed K-7000, which is an eco-friendly sterilizing device for inland aquafarms and was verified to produce more than 20~30% bigger size of young abalones in Wando island. Then, we installed K-7000 on inland abalone farms in Jindo Gogeumdo, and Soando island and we expect to expand the species to shrimp, eel, flatfish, and rockfish farms in 2018.

Water quality control of inland aquafarms in Korea used to depend on simple filtration and injection of liquid oxygen. Very few inland aquafarms adapted such equipmentusing chlorine, ozone, ultraviolet, etc. due to the high cost and effectiveness concerns.
According to thearticle, ‘Sterilizing effect of live fish in electrolytic sea water’ published bythe Korean Society of Fisheries and Aquatic Science in September 2013, it is identified that the powerful sterilizing effect forescherichia coli and fecal coliforms existing in the seawater by the development of electro-dissipaterand it has been reported that vibrio bacteriadoes not exist in fish and shellfish after maximum of 36 hours. The results of this article, has also been shown that the excellent sterilizing power and reliability of electro-deposition seawater to sterilize bacteria in live fish and shellfisheven under the low chlorine concentration level in a short period of time. If the salted water is treated by electrolysis, the sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) is created and it is considered to be the safest and the most economical way to sterilize drinking water.

We have controlled the concentration level of sodium chlorine generated by electrolysis without affecting the young abalones andthe diatoms which are the food for them, and developed a technique that effectively removes salmonella, vibrio, cochlodinium, and other harmful bacteriahabited in filter sand. We have also installed and operated K-7000 in the aquafarms from April to October when the sea water temperature has risen. It has been confirmed that most of the young abalones were not killed by harmful bacteria and also the sizes were much bigger compared with those of other aquafarms whereK-7000 was not applied during the same period.
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